How to Cure a Hangover?

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How to get Rid of a Hangover?

After a hard party of “drink, drink and be merry” the next morning might present the question, “How do I Cure a Hangover?” – yes, that awful feeling! 

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Hangover Ace is based on pure science. It is the world’s first patented supplement backed by scientific research, created by a Board Certified Doctor, and validated to rapidly support alcohol detoxification. It’s ingredients include Synephrine HCL, Caffeine Anhydrous and L-Theanine, Green Tea Extract, NMethytyramine, Quercetin, and more, all tested and proven to restore electrolytes and reduce the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption. 

Hangover Ace is completely safe and available in three unique flavors, Florida Orange, California Grape, and Texas Watermelon. 

SUMMARY: Hangover Ace rehydrates, restores electrolyte imbalance, and assists your metabolism in the elimination of alcohol toxins.

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Hangover Ace Product Description

The family of Hangover Ace®️. One of each flavor. We like to call it the bundle pack. Texas Watermelon, Florida Orange and California Grape.

Created by a board certified medical doctor and a cognitive scientist, Hangover Ace®️ assists the body’s metabolism, by targeting the negative effects of overindulgence. In addition, our product has the ingredients to reduce potential hangxiety, in association with consumption.*

Directions: mix a full packet of Hangover Ace®️ with a minimum of 8oz of water. Stir and enjoy after you are finished consuming beverages, or first thing when you wake up.

Hangover Ace 10 Pack of California Grape
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Rip the pack, mix with water and drink. 3 amazing flavors and no chalky taste. Feel great in less than 20 minutes. Guaranteed. No Pills, Real Science, MD Developed, no BS.

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Hangover Ace Supplement Facts

Hangover Ace - Supplement Facts
Hangover Ace – Supplemental Facts (Quality Ingredients to Cure a Hangover)

Hangover Ace FAQ

How do you use Hangover Ace?

We recommend mixing one full packet of Hangover Ace with 12 – 18 ounces of water (more water is better – sip it). Consume after your last alcoholic beverage or first thing the next morning. Caution: do not exceed 1 serving of Hangover Ace in a 24 hour period.

What else can I use Hangover Ace for?

Hangover Ace does more than just target hangovers! You can use Hangover Ace as a pre or post workout, if you are jet-lagged, have a late-night study session, or virtually anytime you feel fatigued and want to feel refreshed.

What flavors do you have?

Florida Orange, California Grape and Texas Watermelon a 4th NEW delicious flavor is in development satge

What if I don’t know when my last drink will be?

No Problem. Before heading out for the night, put an Ace in your back pocket or bag and pull it out when you are finished drinking. Do not exceed 1 serving of Hangover Ace in a 24 hour period. Hangover Ace is available in convenient 10, 20 and 50 individually portioned servings.

Are there potential negative side-effects?

There are no known side-effects of taking Hangover Ace. If you have a sensitivity to caffeine, start with 1/2 a dose. Do not exceed 1 serving of Hangover Ace in a 24 hour period. Some have experienced loose stools after consumption, but that could be attributed to the alcohol consumption or overindulgence of foods.

Is Hangover Ace FDA approved?

Hangover Ace is produced in a state-of-the-art, FDA registered and GMP certified facility. This facility undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that all products produced there are compliant and safe for consumption. Each batch of Hangover Ace is monitored carefully for quality, and consistency. Although Hangover Ace is a supplement and not regulated by the FDA, we take great strides to ensure you are receiving a safe, quality product made in the USA. Do not exceed 1 serving of Hangover Ace in a 24 hour period.

Should I take Hangover Ace if I am only having one or two drinks?

Absolutely, with even one drink, even if you do not notice it, your vital organs start to experience the negative side effects of alcohol. Hangover Ace was designed to specifically target all of these negative side effects from the inside out. We recommend taking Hangover Ace after any amount of alcohol consumption. Do not exceed 1 serving of Hangover Ace in a 24 hour period.

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Additional Questions You Might Have

What is a Hangover?

What Are The Symptoms and Effects of Excess Alcohol on the Body?

How long do hangovers last?

Can I stop throwing up after drinking?

How to cure a Hangover?

For The Science Nurd

How much Alcohol Causes a Hangover?

What is a Hangover?

A hangover is the name given to our body symptoms which result from alcohol consumption sufficiently high to release ethanol into the blood stream. The adverse affects that result can include stress to any or all of the following: brain, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, stomach, skin and our hormonal and regulatory systems. A hangover is your body’s response to masses of the toxic substances release into the system; hence the label  “intoxication.”

You had too much to drink last night. I can’t go hunting on my own. Hey What did you do with that Hangover Ace stuff?

What Are The Symptoms and Effects of Excess Alcohol on the Body?

Early symptoms of the effects of ethanol intoxication can be  quite pleasurable for most people. Feelings of relaxation and happiness can be followed by becoming animated, louder, rowdy, uninhibited and even the life of the party. In contrast some people become angry to the point of being unruly, aggressive and clearly obnoxious. . .quite the opposite to the happy drunk!

As the alcohol consumption increases the body responds with blurred vision, slowed reaction times (remember, if you drink, don’t drive), warped perceptions, a loss of coordination, shakiness, speech slurring, a loss of inhibitions, a loss of sound judgment, and an altered sense of reality. At this point, clear, or rational thinking is lost. 

As more and more alcohol is consumed and the ethanol concentrations in the blood build to higher levels, an even more toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde is released. Now  the body attempts to defend itself by initiating vomiting (to purge the toxins), stomach pains, headaches, vertigo, confusion, muscle aches, fatigue/lethargy, blackouts, stupor, coma, and reduced breathing. In extreme cases death can occur as a result of “alcohol poisoning.”

Body defense mechanisms include:

  • the kidneys producing more urine (to flush the toxins) – the side-effect is dehydration
  • flushing of the skin (remember the red faces) as a result of skin dilation
  • an increase in cardiac activity
  • the liver working extra hard to cleanse the blood of the ethanol and the subsequent influx of acetaldehyde
  • the liver struggling to keep blood sugar levels within range

Long term alcohol consumption can have additional damaging effects on the body, like liver scarring (cirrhosis of the liver), injury to the stomach lining to the point of bleeding, nausea, disruption of hormonal pathways, and obesity (as the excess calories get converted into fat).

How long do hangovers last?

My neck isn’t long enough to cure a hangover without Hangover Ace.

A number of factors must be considered in answering this question. The amount of alcohol consumed, over what period of time, hydration levels, health of the body, nutritional and especially antioxidant levels, health of the liver, medications, ethnicity, gender and sleep levels, to name  few. Hangovers that last up to 72 hours after drinking are extreme and rare, with most lingering for much shorter time periods.

Can I stop throwing up after drinking?

Vomiting after drinking is quite common and can generally occur for up to about 10 hours. To stop the purging the following recommendations can help:

  • Encourage the throwing up to support the body in its quest to expel the toxins
  • Take small sips of clear liquids to rehydrate your system
  • Rest up as much as possible
  • Do not succumb to another drink in the morning (“hair of the dog”) to “feel better.” It might provide temporary relieve yet adds more toxins to an already strained system
  • Don’t drink again for at least 12 to 24 hours after a vomiting episode
  • Take something to relieve pain. . .like ibuprofen (generally recommended) and Hangover Ace (scientifically designed for this)

Remember, in addition to throwing up, excessive drinking affects reaction time, manual dexterity, memory, visual-spatial skills and attention span. All this can persists well after you have stopped and your blood alcohol levels have dropped to zero. It’s simply a matter of your body needing to repair the stressors placed upon it.

How to Cure a Hangover?

The more appropriate question might be, “How to reduce the Uncomfortable Effects of a Hangover so that I can get back to my normal existence and functioning again?”

Science does not yet have a complete understanding of exactly how and why ethanol has its effects on the body. What we do know, it enters the stomach, gets absorbed into the bloodstream, is transported to the brain where it crosses the blood-brain barrier and makes its way into the brain cells. Here it causes a chemical release which depresses certain frontal lobe functions. The endorphins thus released create happy feelings and keep inhibitions in check.

And this is just the start. As ethanol increases, motor pathways become overactive, blood sugar is processed less efficiently, bodily systems start to slow as sedation increases and the even more toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde (mentioned above) is released as a result of the liver breaking down the alcohol into a form that can be urinated from the body; now, of course, dehydration follows.

The most common attempts to reduce the uncomfortable side effects of a hangover, basically ‘how to “cure” the hangover,’ include:

  1. Boosting fluid intake – this is essential, even though it might cause, and in some cases decrease throwing up. Liquids gradually reduce the effects of alcohol poisoning by hydrating the body and facilitating the elimination of toxins. Drink water; Gatorade; Juices – carrot, apple, orange and ginger; Soups – miso, bone broth; Smoothies; Ginger-lemon tea. It got the author’s green light for when it causes throwing up it also helps purge the toxins from the body for a faster recovery.
  2. Drinking caffeine – not a good idea. Caffeine is a diuretic and further dehydrates the body. It can also mask the effects of alcohol, provide a false sense of alertness and encourage more drinking. According to the UAMS Department of Emergency Medicine, “Coffee can not reverse the effects of alcohol.”
  3. Eating something greasy, like greasy bacon and eggs (it depends) – this is a myth and only really works best when consumed before drinking. The grease coats the stomach lining and slows the progression of ethanol into the blood stream thus allowing the body more time to counteract its effects.
  4. Nourishing the body with nutritious and easily absorbed foods and liquids to help hydrate the body and keep energy levels up – bananas, watermelon, spinach, applesauce, honey, nuts (must be chewed well), and saltine crackers (to help absorb the alcohol/toxins and reduce nausea) all seem to help.
  5. Morning after consumption of more alcohol – “Hair of the Dog.” This does have the potential for temporary relief, however, the addition of even more alcohol, prior to your body having recuperated, makes no sense at all. The one positive for heavy drinkers, it can prevent you from going into alcohol withdrawal.
  6. Taking drugs/medicine/supplements. . .Supplements with high quality ingredients, including Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidants, that can readily be absorbed by the body, and have the right potency are designed for optimal health. Good nutrition leader to cell building and cell health. Hangovers are a body’s symptoms that cry-out for healing (B-Vitamin, Zinc and Antioxidants are found to be particularly effective). Avoid taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) since it can further stress your over- worked liver and in extreme case cause liver failure
  7. Sleeping it off – simply put, sleep is rest and rest is one of the elements that allow the body to repair itself.
  8. Light exercise – speeds up metabolism and circulation which helps the body deal with the disruptors. The drawback, the symptoms of a hangover, the sick feeling and the lethargy, tend to reduce the motivation to exercise. Pushing through to do some, is better than not doing any. 

Isn’t any effort to cure a hangover, that horrible feeling, “better than none.” 

Of course, if you choose to overindulge, what is better than to have Hangover Ave ready swoop in with its powerfully designed counteraction!.

I hope this is starting to answer your question, “How to Cure a hangover?”

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For The Science Nurd – some surprises?

Alcohol itself does not cause your hangovers. . .it is what happens within your brain and what gets released when it breaks down inside your liver. 

As you drink alcohol releases the ethanol which enters your blood stream and gets transported to your brain. Here it disrupts both your inhibitory neurotransmitter (GABA receptors), and your excitatory neurotransmitter (glutamate receptor) functions. You recognize this effect by your slurring of words, lowered inhibitions, increases excitation, becoming more vocal, and loss of your motor skills.

As the system gets flooded with more alcohol the blood starts moving it to the liver for cleansing. Here it breaks down into Acetaldehyde, which will then break down further into Acetate or Acetic Acid. But, not so fast, a few more functions occur. 

In brief, it’s the enzyme ADH ( Alcohol Dehydrogenase) which breaks down the alcohol into Acetaldehyde, the chemical that triggers your hangover. The more you drink, the more Acetaldehyde is created. Now the body struggles to provide enough neutralizing enzymes ALDH (Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase) to convert the Acetaldehyde to Acetate and, with more alcohol the system gradually becomes flooded with more of these toxins; over toxification becomes the cause of all the symptoms associated with your hangover. 

Unfortunately, during these processes the brain does a reversal and the initial happy feelings get converted into all the undesirable ones associated with a hangover; headaches, anxiety, stomach and muscle issues, and reduced ability to focus and concentrate, etc.

This is where Hangover Ace comes into play, by supporting the body in the reduction of the toxin build up, and in breaking down the attacker, Acetaldehyde and thus allowing your body to flush the toxins from your system. Clearly, your liver will thank you, and so will your whole system as you start feeling better.

How much Alcohol Causes a Hangover?

Many factors effect the affect of alcohol on the body, including, size, weight, gender, ethnicity, quantity, rate of consumption and how long someone has been drinking. 

In general, men will experience hangover symptoms after 3 to 6 drinks and women after 2 to 4. The rate at which the body breaks down acetaldehyde, and the persons sensitivity to alcohol are the key variants. Amongst ethnic groups, Japanese people tend to be most susceptible to early intoxication and to the more rapid onset of a hangover. Any one on medications needs to be particularly cautious since many drugs interfere with the breakdown of acetaldehyde. 

Normally a body can deal with about one drink per hour; more tends to create stress as the body struggles to counteract the toxic invader.

Don’t Leave For The Party Without It!

Hangover Ace – designed to Cure Your Hangover – Fast!

1. Of course, Hangover Ace, reduces this in a fraction of the time, especially when taken right after the cessation of consumption and at the latest the next morning.

Please remember: Save lives, rest and take steps to Cure Your Hangover and Feel Better!

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